Heart shaped box 9 pieces
  • Heart shaped box 9 pieces

Heart shaped box 9 pieces


9 strawberries in chocolate in heart-shaped box

Our strawberries in chocolate in the classic quadrangular box that fell in love with thousands of our customers look great and have become an integral part of not only any festive table, but also a means of expressing your love and special attention on the most ordinary weekdays.

Number of Strawberries: 15

Ingredients: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and nut crumbs

Box size: 14x22 cm

As always, we guarantee a perfect look and an unforgettable taste.

The strawberries in quadrangular box products are in great demand among our buyers. No matter the season, only the freshest strawberries and the highest quality chocolate are used. All compositions are made by our professional craftsmen in hygienic conditions.

You can also tell us your additional wishes regarding the decor. We will do our best to fulfill your wishes

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